Sector 7
Turning Dreams into Reality.


The three founders are mechanical engineers who’ve designed and developed applications for an automobile giant and another app as a trading platform for all goods and commodities. Going into the tech industry and becoming full time software developers was the obvious choice. So, like any startup would do, they shortlisted company names and office spaces. They made a list of potential clients and made lists of potential hires. And just when everything seemed figured out, it all took a turn… For the better.

During one of the final discussions on the business model they realized there was something that didn’t feel right. They had idolized the software giants and the men running those massively successful organizations. But what they respected more was the kind of difference the brands and the tech giants had on the community. They too, craved more. What they really wanted to do was make a difference. And with this thought they went back to the drawing board to figure out a way to do so.

With this intention, Sector 7 Workspaces was born. A coworking space that actually cares and invests in the growth of its community members. A coworking space with a clear aim of being different by being true to its roots. Because we are and have been in the same entrepreneurial journey as our members, we will do everything in our power to eradicate the obstacles and take your business to the next level.


In that order.

The attention to detail will separate you from the competition using low priced knockoffs manufactured by cutting corners.

The growth of your team wherein each team member is a leader and is intrinsically motivated will truly define the kind of leader you are and the organization that you run. You are not making a product or providing a service or building a company. You are leaving behind a legacy.

The tip of the Everest. Ask every mountaineer, they say it’s their dream to shout out to the world from the edge. Ask one of the legends who have been there and they’ll say there’s nothing that can compare to the breathtaking view. The mountains epitomize our plan and vision for our organization and for ourselves. And Mt. Everest symbolizes the greatest grandest vision we’ve ever had. Yes, its going to be an uphill task but we wouldn’t want you to lower your standards or compromise on your dreams. DO NOT settle for anything less. Which is why we will assist you every step of the way. Think of the resources we provide as the basecamps on the way to your mountain peak.

You might not know where you’re going …or how to get there, but if you keep chasing your dreams..you’ll end up right where you belong.